Affordable Energy Solutions for Everyone

Crystal Global Energy is one of the largest and fastest-growing electricity & gas brokers for major  retail electricity providers in :TX, NY, NJ, OH, PA, IL, CT, DC, MA, MD, NH, ME,RI.FL, GA, IN, DE and MI.  We cater to residential, governmental, commercial customers in deregulated electric and gas energy markets in Texas and other Deregulated States.  We are strong, thriving and able to purchase wholesale power more efficiently than most competitors and we aim to remove the hassle of having to choose from numerous providers and allows you to maximize the benefit of choice by providing a one-stop shop.

We Offer

  • Free analysis
  • Free price quote
  • Numerous providers (One stop shop)
  • Access to the most competitive prices available
  • Negotiating expertise
  • A first-class service
  • Fees paid by electricity providers

At Crystal Global Energy, we provide alternative, attractive and reliable options for your electricity and natural gas needs for both the residential and commercial markets, in all the deregulated states in the continental United States.

Our customers get to pick the right energy supplier that means lower and affordable bills for them. We offer affordable gas and electricity rates, flexible solutions and superior customer care making it easy for consumers to make that switch. We promise outstanding savings, incredible rewards, excellent service and a personal touch from our energy consultants. Our extensive customer benefits make us a popular residential and commercial electric power provider for consumers all over Texas, New York, and New Jersey.


Helping to Lower your Electric/Gas Bill